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5 Questions to Ask to Any End of Lease Cleaning Company in Melbourne

Nov 30, 2019

Renters start to find the good end of lease cleaning companies in Melbourne before vacating the home. Many companies offer the cheap end of lease cleaning services for middle-income groups. Apart from reasonable packages, they also offer many cleaning tasks in one package. Sometimes, it becomes a very tough thing to choose the end of lease cleaning company from many of them. There are a few questions that will help you to get the best company at the end of lease cleaning in Melbourne.

Important Questions to Ask to End of Lease Cleaners

Are Your Cleaners Certified?

You should first ask these questions to the company. Asking this will help you to know whether the company has the necessary certifications and safety standards. If you want to go a little deep in the history of the end of lease cleaning company, you can visit the official site; check the reviews and comments of the customers.

How Many Cleaners will Visit My Home?

This is the next question that you should ask the end of lease cleaning Melbourne company. Some cleaners come in teams while some of them work alone in your homes.

What Type of Cleaning Tools Do Your Cleaners Use?

Many companies use harsh chemicals on the floors that result in damage. It is necessary to ask the types of tools that cleaners use. You must hire cleaners that use green products.

What Do Your Packages Cover?

While hiring the 5 Star Service end of lease cleaners, you should ask about the cleaning packages. If you want the full cleaning of the home or part of it, you can accordingly ask the cleaners.

Do Company Provide a Bond Back Guarantee?

Since it is cleaning the rental homes, you should ask this question to the company at the end of lease cleaning in Melbourne.

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